Canoe + Bedroll Camp

June on the river for a mid-summer canoe UK trip using our Adventurer Canvas Bedrolls – fantastic long days on the river in bright sunshine of a UK heatwave, after stopping in a spot where we have special permission to camp right on the river and enjoying the long midsummer evening light we slept out next to the fire under the stars, with the canvas bedroll ‘roof’ open, but warm, protected and comfortable using a standard roll mat on the ground – and listening all night to big Atlantic salmon just yards away leaping up the river in the summer salmon run back to their spawning grounds farther up stream.

We woke to swirling mist shrouding the water surface, pulled along down stream by the current, and the majestic dawn chorus from the woodland birds all around, and later the awesome sight and sound of nesting Peregrine falcons swooping and diving overhead. Other gear in use was our reconditioned 1960’s canvas and leather Swedish Army framed rucksack, a Norwegian Army canvas Telemark pack, the superb compact Swiss Army hand saw, and our canteen cup set in waxed cotton cover where the stainless steel crusader mug was used to make nettle tea (see below).