Canvas Tarp-as-Hammock

Some images of our made-to-order XL canvas tarp in use in the woods, using it in a hammock set-up. Because it’s made of tough canvas, and multiple boxed-stitched reinforced webbing loops our extra large tarp can function as both hammock and cover in one as in these photos below, by taking the tarp up and over a ridgeline and out in front propped by a stick. It can be use around the fire, and provides great protection from the elements, wind and rain. The front flap is pitched up or down depending on the weather.

It’s a very comfortable hammock, it doesn’t stretch, and you don’t slide around in it and that natural canvas really feels at one with nature: a great way to camp out in the woods in four seasons, with a fire on the open side it’s incredibly warm in the hammock – and when you’re not sleeping and it makes a pretty nice ‘forest sofa’ to relax in when the rain is coming down during the day.

These larger tarps are made to order only, please enquire at for availability and further details.

Wynnchester XL canvas tarp rigged as a covered hammock