Choosing a Bedroll Mattress

The Wynnchester Canvas Bedroll (Swag) is designed to work with any type of camping mattress and as such it does not have a mattress permanently fitted in, but allows your choice of camping-mat to be inserted and removed easily. Also depending on the type of transport this means you can use different types of mattress depending on whether size or comfort or weight is an issue on different occasions.

Travvelling by 4×4 you may wish to insert a thick foam mattress, but travelling by foot or motorbike where you want to keep either weight or bulk down would mean you can insert an inflatable or self-inflating mattress. Many customers already have a favourite mattress that they have invested so this means they are not paying for another one. The main pros and cons of mattress types for the Bedroll are listed here:

Reeded Air Mattress

These are the most compact and also more comfortable and insulating than a self-inflating matt. They are easier to deflate and become completely flat so can be easily rolled inside the canvas bedroll without adding any extra bulk at all. The only downside is they take quite a bit of puff to inflate but the advantages make it worth it potentially.
The MultiMat Adventure Air for example is extremely compact when deflated at just 24cms x 8cms (about the size of a 500ml water bottle, and weighs only 430g.

Suitable for: Any mode of transport

Foam Mattress

For maximum comfort we recommend a 3cm foam high density closed-cell foam mattress. These are incredibly comfortable and stable, but do take up a large amount of space, especially if you also intend to leave your sleeping bag or blankets rolled up inside the bedroll during the day.

Great for a 4×4 overland trip. no need to inflate or deflate, just unroll, and no risk of air leaks. For more images see this blog post.

Suitable for:
car camping
guest bed at home

Not Suitable (due to size) for:

Self-Inflating Mattress (e.g. Thermarest etc.)

These work very well, and are easy to inflate – just open the valve and the air rushes in; 2 or 3 extra puffs gives a good density air cushion. They pack fairly small when fully deflated, but still not as small as a reeded air mattress. Also deflating them can take some time and effort as you need to squeeze the air out manually in order to reduce the pack size.

One option to reduce the size is the 3/4 length matt which provide insulation and comfort for most of the important body parts, leaving your feet off the matt. But they do pack down a lot smaller and crucially they are much easier to inflate and deflate.

Suitable for: Any mode of transport

Foam Camping Roll-matt

The standard army, scouting and general camping matt. These offer a reasonable degree of comfort but expect to be turning over during the night if you are on hard ground! They don’t reduce in size when rolled up, but are cheap, and ultimately the most reliable and durable with no risk of air leaks.

Suitable for: car camping, 4×4 etc.