Patagonian Inspiration


Some fantastic customer photos just in from Patagonia taken on arrival at a remote cabin in the stunning fjordlands of Southern Chile. The isolated property, only accessible by sea-plane was where Doug and Kristine Tompkins the force behind some of the biggest outdoor brands including The North Face, Esprit and Patagonia found inspiration, and from where they planned their ground-breaking conservation projects in the region.

Wynnchester customer Trey, a close friend of Doug & Kristine who now owns the ranch, sent these fantastic photos of their arrival at “Tic-Toc” with their reconditioned 1950’s Swiss Army roll-top rucksacks, used for hiking and exploring the stunning wilderness all around in the National Park – the Park which Doug & Kristine were instrumental in establishing, by investing profits from the global outdoor brands, and which the Tompkins Conservation Foundation continues to help develop and preserve.

A truly magical place and one with special significance in the outdoor products industry, as well as in South American conservation. Perhaps a suitable place for these very rare and historic vintage rucksacks to be put to use.

You can read more about the Tompkins’ efforts to preserve the pristine habitats of the region here (BBC) and of Trey’s own stewardship of the region here


Patrol Pack: Belt Rig

EXTENDED FUNCTIONALITY: Some new photos showing how our new canvas & leather Patrol Pack is designed to work with a combat belt or bushcraft belt rig – with pouches, knife sheath, fire kit etc, on the belt.

The combat belt attachment function was part of the original Norwegian Army vintage patrol pack design and it works really well either to support the pack’s weight as a conventional “hip belt” but also to give extra stability for more active uses, running, shooting, climbing, skiing, mountain biking etc. Shown here with an original vintage Swiss Army leather officers belt.

For bushcraft and general hiking the belt rig gives the ability to carry extra tools and supplies on the belt in an easily accessible way whilst also being able to remove the pack & belt and tools etc. in one piece to keep everything together if required, or to remove the pack and just carry the tool belt, or vice versa.

Shore Patrol

A few photos from a short walk around shores of the local fly fishing lake in bright autumn weather with our new canvas & leather “PATROL” day pack. Perfect for carrying the essentials for getting out and about: a flask of coffee, permits, field guides and binoculars for birdwatching and a jacket. Full details on the new Patrol backpack available here.

Wynnchester Canvas & Leather Patrol backpack available here.

New: Wynnchester Patrol Pack


We are very pleased to have recently launched our new canvas and leather rucksack, the Wynnchester Patrol Pack. The design is based on the very rare vintage military classic the Norwegian Army Patrol Pack.

After many years of restoring and repairing these amazing old packs in our workshops, it was a natural choice to begin our long-planned line of new-made canvas and leather packs. Through this initiative, we are aiming to bring back to life in updated forms the very best and rarest vintage military backpacks, many of which are now next to impossible to source.

The knowledge and experience of handling and repairing these packs over the years enabled us to recreate a new-made canvas rucksack which whilst updated for modern use remains true to the original classic in functionality, design, and materials.

A perfect daypack size, whether out in nature or in the urban environment, the new pack features military-grade waterproof canvas, folding 3-panel back system, side attachment straps, leather base, brass buckles and rivets, and thick full-grain leather.

The project has taken over a year to get to this stage but we are extremely pleased with the end result – we feel it really does justice to the original classic and after the first packs have gone out to advance order customers we’ve already had some great feedback:

“This is an absolutely great little pack. I love it . Thanks again.

“The colours of the pack are straight from the woods. I’m really liking it so far.

“I am really impressed! You’ve made a great job of reproducing the pack and I love the attention to detail and craftsmanship. I spent many years in the Royal Marines and the Norge pack was used by so many people. After 30 years, I finally have the day sack I wanted.”

“This is the mother of all daypacks”

Some photos below, and full details and more reviews available on

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Swiss Army vintage flask & cup set

Vintage Swiss Army oval canteen set with cork stopper

Vintage SIGG Swiss Army oval canteen

Some photos of our new design for the leather skeleton harness for this set (available here) which is based on an original Swiss Army classic oval canteen set made by SIGG from 1890 onwards (photo above). The cast aluminium flask became the basis of SIGG’s successful water bottle ranges that are still popular today.

This compact oval design was later replicated for the one hundred year anniversary with a modern cup set in the 1990’s  as the “SIGG Classic” (shown below), but not many were made and it is now impossible to find, we’ve been lucky enough to have had a few through over the years which have been passed on to our customers.

Modern replica by SIGG for the 100 year anniversary

We were determined to make this superb form available again, and after trying a lot of different options and being forced to look right across the globe for suitable components we finally landed on this brand new oval flask from legendary Swedish quality brand Primus, paired with a newly made aluminium oval cup, and our specially designed leather harness. Our latest version is made of saddle-tan Spanish equestrian leather which is very close in colour to the Swiss Army leatherwork of the period, with brass rivets, it fits the cup’s butterfly handles better, adds a retaining loop and clip for the flask lid when unscrewed, and a solid brass stud for easier removal from the harness. In response to feedback it’s also designed to be easier to attach side-on to a belt or pack than our previous design. The set is available here.

Props for Boudica Production at Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre, London


We recently provided some props for a production re-telling the epic iron age saga of BOUDICA at Shakespeare’s globe theatre in London. The production starred Gina McKee who wore our Vintage Swiss Army leather gaiters as part of her costume – shown below. whilst other cast member wore our vintage Italian army canvas & leather gaiters. For further review of the production see Gina McKee Reigns Supreme or view the video and interviews here.






New Vintage Swiss Patrol Pack Photos


Some new photos of our Vintage Swiss Army Patrol Pack with new hand made leather shoulder straps made in our workshop. These amazing Swiss Army rucksacks all have the name place and date of manufacture, this one shows made in 1954 by Ernst M’anzi in St. Peterzell, Switzerland.

The original maker’s leather stamp showing this one was made in 1954 by Ernst M’anzi in Wald St. Peterzell, Switzerland.

Huus Gstaad Hotel Outfitting

Our Swiss Army blankets and Vintage Swiss Army Rucksacks were supplied as authentic alpine room decor at the recently-opened Huus Gstaad design hotel. The landmark hotel sits at 1050 metres elevation (3,445 Feet) in Switzerland’s most prestigious ski resort town of Gstaad, in the Bernese Oberland region of Switzerland.

The old hotel has been completely re-designed by Norwegian Architect Erik Nissen Johansen of Swedish design company Stylt Trampoli and the rebuild of the 300-room hotel, spa and conference centre was recently completed with the design based on a classic ‘Alpine Adventure’ theme with luxurious rooms, restaurants and bars and resident guides offering rafting, skiing, mountain biking and other alpine activities, all under the gaze of the stunning Western Alps. We worked closely with Stylt Trampoli to provide authentic props to complete the stunning redesign, ready for the press launch and the photography for the Huus Hotel website.

Huus Gstaad Swiss Hotel rucksack blanket rolls

Swiss Army mountain troops from the 1880's showing the classic Swiss Army blanket rolls


Vintage Safari Luggage Set


Just finishing a nice Vintage Safari Luggage Set for a customer. We don’t get to do these very often as they are acquired and made to order only as they are very hard to find but they are such beautiful bags. Made of an unusual ribbed green canvas and very thick leather the set is made from a Swiss Army mountain rescue equipment bag, the Stgw 57* battle rifle ammunition case and the combat engineer’ small-tools bag, it makes a very special set all together. Here’s some photos of today’s finished article: