Patrol Pack: Belt Rig

EXTENDED FUNCTIONALITY: Some new photos showing how our new canvas & leather Patrol Pack is designed to work with a combat belt or bushcraft belt rig – with pouches, knife sheath, fire kit etc, on the belt.

The combat belt attachment function was part of the original Norwegian Army vintage patrol pack design and it works really well either to support the pack’s weight as a conventional “hip belt” but also to give extra stability for more active uses, running, shooting, climbing, skiing, mountain biking etc. Shown here with an original vintage Swiss Army leather officers belt.

For bushcraft and general hiking the belt rig gives the ability to carry extra tools and supplies on the belt in an easily accessible way whilst also being able to remove the pack & belt and tools etc. in one piece to keep everything together if required, or to remove the pack and just carry the tool belt, or vice versa.