SADF Battle Vest - overnight camp gear & bedroll

SADF Battle Vest


This is a great vintage piece of gear from the 1980’s out of South Africa. Used by the South African Defence Force in the Border War era designed as an assault rig and operational vest for ammunition, radio, water etc out in the bush. We have searched for and imported a number of these now very rare but absolutely exceptional items – please see below and also our blog post Battlevest, Bedroll, Beach Camp for further information.

UPDATE: These have become near impossible to source now unfortunately. We are however able to supply an excellent replica – there are several replicas available and we have tested them all and found the only one which is close enough to the original in construction and materials quality. These are available in black – we don’t normally stock replicas however this carry rig works so well with the Adventurer Bedroll that we still want to be able to offer this set up. Please contact us below for price and photos of the black version.

Available on backorder

Product Description

In the unusual ‘nutria’ brown of the SADF gear of that era, the vest has a less military look than many assault vests that are available, but it certainly doesn’t lack military heritage, as well as it’s use by the SADF the rig has been a regular choice of special forces around the world over the years.

natgeoIAPFrangersThey’ve also been seen in use by IAPF Rangers – the International Anti Poaching Foundation is an amazing project started by ex-Australian Special Forces Commando Damien Mander using military techniques, equipment and training to combat poaching in Africa with considerable success, helping protect many endangered species from the destructive forces of illegal wildlife trade.

The padded harness is extremely wide and comfortable with a huge array of secure attachment options and adjustments to fit, meaning you can carry a lot of gear and it’s all held close to your centre of gravity giving excellent agility. The pack has been known to be used for photo-journalism too with it’s large pouches suitable for camera lenses.

The diagram below shows the Battle Vest packed out with gear including one of our heavyweight canvas bedrolls with a wool blanket rolled inside for an overnight camp. When not used to attach the bedroll the central space on the rear contains two large pouches suitable for a camelbak or for carrying larger items (originally designed for radio gear and the large SADF 2 litre water bottle. See the post Battlevest, Bedroll, Beach Camp for further information. Bedroll and other items not included…

SADF Battle Vest - overnight camp gear & bedroll


SADF Assault Vest for bushcraft camp