Swedish Army Canvas & Leather Bergen


A new addition to the Recon line up: after a long search we finally found a supply of these rare and amazing Swedish Army Canvas & Leather external frame packs for reconditioning, made by Haglofs as a supplier to the Swedish Army during the 1960’s and ’70’s. The quality is absolutely outstanding, from the thickness of the canvas and leather to the design that’s gone in to the construction, this is a pack that was made to last.  Once we have refurbished the packs with our special wax treatment for the thick canvas and leather oils the results are absolutely stunning.


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Product Description


But just as it’s extremely robust it’s also very ergonomic and you can see it was also built to be used and to be comfortable. Full of well thought out features such as the large side pockets (shared with the very similar Norwegian Telemark Pack on which this one is very closely based), the extendable top flap, internal snow skirt and drawstring, the vinyl base for extra protection when setting the pack down on wet ground or snow, and the thick felt-padded shoulder straps make this a complete pack. With the extremely high quality of materials and construction which top even the Norwegian Telemark pack and are matched only by the Vintage Swiss Army packs, this certainly one of the best external frame rucksacks ever made, commercial or military.



bedroll straps for attaching gear to the top of the pack


Customer Comments:

Received the Swedish pack last week. It really is a lovely pack, the leather work is excellent!
PT, Scotland.


Hi Kevin,

Pack just arrived today. It’s awesome! The leather is really thick. This is a tough pack. I mean it looks great, but this thing will last so much longer than the “modern” stuff. No cloth patches to tear or velcro to wear out. I like an external frame–you can tie more stuff onto it. Giving it a test run this Friday on a hike.

Thanks much,