Ben Fogle – New Lives, Vintage Gear


Ben in Morocco at the start of his trip with the modified M39 rucksack.

Our reconditioned Vintage Swedish Army M39 rucksack along with other gear was shown in use by Ben Fogle during much of his fascinating and highly recommended “New Lives in the Wild” TV series, including in Morocco and the Appalachian Mountains among other places, where he travels to meet and live with people who have left modern life and started simpler sustainable lives in remote wilderness locations.

We specially modified the vintage M39 pack for Ben, removing the external metal frame to make it more compact for Ben’s global travel requirements (which avoids the frame catching on things during transportation especially) and indeed Ben’s was seen slung in the back of a trailer alongside him as he is pulled along by a donkey in Morocco for example. For the short flight to Ibiza just off the Spanish coast and in to the islands back-country we spotted Ben using our vintage waxed canvas duffle bag, visiting an off-grid sustainable community in the hills. And the M39 Swedish Army pack was back in use in the snow of the Cascade Mountains in Washington State where Ben stays with British-born Lynx Vilden who has spent more than half her life living, hunting, eating and sleeping in the wilderness.  Ben was also using some of our gear during the stunning documentary The Great African Migrations including a vintage Swiss Army wool pullover which kept the cold out in the early morning whilst ballooning over the Serengeti. Some images from the various shows below, all of which are highly recommended viewing.

Travelling by donkey in Morocco

Ben Fogle in the Appalachian Mountains

Ben Fogle in the Appalachian Mountains

Having arrived on foot with his M39 vintage rucksack Ben investigates his accommodation in the Appalachian Mountains.

ben fogle new lives - duffle bag

Ben exiting the airport with our vintage military waxed-canvas duffle bag, ideal as simple carry-on baggage.

Stepping out into the back country of Ibiza

And arriving to begin the episode, at a sustainable living experiment off-grid in the hills of Ibiza.


Ben with his Wynnchester M39 Swedish Army vintage rucksack in the North Cascade mountains, Washington State

Ben meets up with Lynx Vilden to join her living and surviving off the land in the Cascade Mountains

Ben Fogle Serengeti

Ben Fogle in the Serengeti wearing a Wynnchester Vintage Swiss Army Pullover filming The Great African Migration.