Vintage Props for JUMANJI movie

We were approached by Sony Pictures to provide some suitable vintage props for the remake of the 1990’s classic JUMANJI movie which originally starred the late Robin Williams. Filmed earlier this year on location in Hawaii and starring Dwayne Johnson, Jack Black, Karen Gillan and Kevin Hart, it’s set to be a rip-roaring super-natural jungle adventure based on the original board-game-becomes-reality story, but this time where the characters are stuck inside a retro computer game found in a basement.

The movie houses are always tight-lipped about exactly what or who the props will be for, but we think they could be for Jack Black’s character as a pith-helmeted Victorian jungle explorer:

UPS delivered the goods again for us taking a large box from our workshop to the temporary production HQ location set up in Hawaii ahead of filming in under 48 hours, door to door. Quite amazing really when you think of how far that is and all the stops a package has to make for a journey like that. Picked up from our workshops in rural Somerset, to the local depot, to the U.K. sorting hub in Gosport, then to Gatwick airport, across the Atlantic, through customs at Chicago airport, from Chicago out to the middle of the Pacific Ocean to Hawaii, from the airport to local depot, and safely without damage, delay or incident to the film production HQ. That’s over 7,000 miles, in less than 48 hours.

The official trailer is just out (here) and the movie is set for release at the end of 2017. Meanwhile here’s a few photos released from the set, or via Dwayne Johnson’s Instagram feed:

Props for Boudica Production at Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre, London


We recently provided some props for a production re-telling the epic iron age saga of BOUDICA at Shakespeare’s globe theatre in London. The production starred Gina McKee who wore our Vintage Swiss Army leather gaiters as part of her costume – shown below. whilst other cast member wore our vintage Italian army canvas & leather gaiters. For further review of the production see Gina McKee Reigns Supreme or view the video and interviews here.






Vintage Props for WWII Film “ALLIED”

Starring Brad Pitt and Marion Cotillard “ALLIED” is a stunningly-produced WWII spy thriller by highly acclaimed director Robert Zemeckis, based on an original story by British screenwriter Steven Knight. Brad Pitt and Marion Cotillard play two agents working together behind enemy lines in North Africa. We were approached by Paramount Pictures early in the project to provide authentic props for the movie including our original vintage Swiss Army rucksacks from the 1940’s.

The film opens with Brad Pitt as Canadian Royal Air Force agent Wing Commander Max Vatan parachuting into the French Moroccan desert before making his way to Casablanca where he will meet up with Marion Cotillard as French resistance agent Marianne Beausejour. The Casablanca setting by Production Designer Gary Freeman and carefully researched authentic period costumes by Joanna Johnstone has deliberate echoes of Casablanca the hollywood classic which itself was released in 1942, the same year in which the ALLIED story is set.

Below are some stills from the movie as Wing Commander Vatan starts his mission and heads off to Casablanca with his customised vintage Swiss Army canvas & leather pack with added side straps and a single bandolier-style shoulder strap, together with other scenes from the movie and from the location filming.



Some of the vintage props we provided being prepared for shipping:

On location photos (via Twitter):


Huus Gstaad Hotel Outfitting

Our Swiss Army blankets and Vintage Swiss Army Rucksacks were supplied as authentic alpine room decor at the recently-opened Huus Gstaad design hotel. The landmark hotel sits at 1050 metres elevation (3,445 Feet) in Switzerland’s most prestigious ski resort town of Gstaad, in the Bernese Oberland region of Switzerland.

The old hotel has been completely re-designed by Norwegian Architect Erik Nissen Johansen of Swedish design company Stylt Trampoli and the rebuild of the 300-room hotel, spa and conference centre was recently completed with the design based on a classic ‘Alpine Adventure’ theme with luxurious rooms, restaurants and bars and resident guides offering rafting, skiing, mountain biking and other alpine activities, all under the gaze of the stunning Western Alps. We worked closely with Stylt Trampoli to provide authentic props to complete the stunning redesign, ready for the press launch and the photography for the Huus Hotel website.

Huus Gstaad Swiss Hotel rucksack blanket rolls

Swiss Army mountain troops from the 1880's showing the classic Swiss Army blanket rolls


Ben Fogle – New Lives, Vintage Gear


Ben in Morocco at the start of his trip with the modified M39 rucksack.

Our reconditioned Vintage Swedish Army M39 rucksack along with other gear was shown in use by Ben Fogle during much of his fascinating and highly recommended “New Lives in the Wild” TV series, including in Morocco and the Appalachian Mountains among other places, where he travels to meet and live with people who have left modern life and started simpler sustainable lives in remote wilderness locations.

We specially modified the vintage M39 pack for Ben, removing the external metal frame to make it more compact for Ben’s global travel requirements (which avoids the frame catching on things during transportation especially) and indeed Ben’s was seen slung in the back of a trailer alongside him as he is pulled along by a donkey in Morocco for example. For the short flight to Ibiza just off the Spanish coast and in to the islands back-country we spotted Ben using our vintage waxed canvas duffle bag, visiting an off-grid sustainable community in the hills. And the M39 Swedish Army pack was back in use in the snow of the Cascade Mountains in Washington State where Ben stays with British-born Lynx Vilden who has spent more than half her life living, hunting, eating and sleeping in the wilderness.  Ben was also using some of our gear during the stunning documentary The Great African Migrations including a vintage Swiss Army wool pullover which kept the cold out in the early morning whilst ballooning over the Serengeti. Some images from the various shows below, all of which are highly recommended viewing.

Travelling by donkey in Morocco

Ben Fogle in the Appalachian Mountains

Ben Fogle in the Appalachian Mountains

Having arrived on foot with his M39 vintage rucksack Ben investigates his accommodation in the Appalachian Mountains.

ben fogle new lives - duffle bag

Ben exiting the airport with our vintage military waxed-canvas duffle bag, ideal as simple carry-on baggage.

Stepping out into the back country of Ibiza

And arriving to begin the episode, at a sustainable living experiment off-grid in the hills of Ibiza.


Ben with his Wynnchester M39 Swedish Army vintage rucksack in the North Cascade mountains, Washington State

Ben meets up with Lynx Vilden to join her living and surviving off the land in the Cascade Mountains

Ben Fogle Serengeti

Ben Fogle in the Serengeti wearing a Wynnchester Vintage Swiss Army Pullover filming The Great African Migration.

Top Gear: Wynnchester Bedrolls

Our Adventurer Canvas Bedrolls were featured in what was to become the final ever special episode of the popular TV show “Top Gear”. The three amigos Clarkson, Hammond and May took a bizarre luxury-car camping  adventure through the Australian Outback in ‘Top Gear Australia Special’.

Camp like Clarkson

Camp like Clarkson. (BBC) The Top Gear presenters setting up camp in the Australian bush with Wynnchester canvas  bedrolls.

With the news that Top Gear is moving to Amazon, Jeremy Clarkson and his fellow hosts are back in the limelight once again.

Top Gear hosts James May, Jeremy Clarkson and Richard Hammond. Photograph: Amazon/PA

Top Gear hosts James May, Jeremy Clarkson and Richard Hammond. (Amazon/PA)

Whilst we at Wynnchester aren’t so used to hitting the headlines (or Top Gear Producers, or Piers Morgan for that matter), we do often get requests for our gear to be featured in films and on TV shows.

You may, for instance, have caught a glimpse of Tom Cruise dragging one of our popular canvas duffle bags across the desert in Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation.

Given our gear is rugged enough for Ethan Hunt, Clarkson clearly felt he had to give it a go. After all, he’s not impartial to blowing up the odd vehicle, himself.

So, it perhaps shouldn’t have come as too much of a surprise when we received a request from the BBC to use some of our Wynnchester adventure gear for the filming of their Top Gear Australia programme. As well as the bedrolls for the presenters to use during their bush camps in the feature, a key part of the storyline (“you’ll be staying at the 5-million star hotel…” – i.e. traditional Australian bush camps, looking up at the stars…!), we also provided other gear such as our waxed canvas gaiters for the BBC film crew out in the bush to keep the scorpions, bugs and brush out of their footwear.

As you may be aware, our Adventurer bedroll was modelled in part on the traditional Australian “swag”. So it was fitting that the Top Gear team would be sleeping in our heritage-based model whilst in the Australian outback, but in a classic Top Gear storyline the presenters were not amused after long days driving the dusty roads to find they weren’t being put up at the BBC’s expense in a posh hotel, but instead were ‘dirt-bagging’ Australian style!

Top Gear Australia setting up camp with Wynnchester canvas bedrolls.

Top Gear Australia setting up camp with Wynnchester canvas bedrolls. (BBC)

During the show one of the challenges was for Clarkson, Hammond and May to go cattle wrangling in Australia’s Northern Territory.

This took place on a cattle farm stretching over more than 3 million acres.

Clarkson joked that:

“The farmer said he would try to make it easier by putting all the cattle in one paddock. I told him that’s very kind of you, how big is the paddock? He said 39,000 acres… When you’re looking for 4,000 cows they could have been in Southampton and we could have been in Banbury!”

Given the scope of this challenge, the team were forced to stay on the cattle farm overnight.

Certainly one of the bonuses of using a bedroll is the speed and ease of setting up camp. Simply unroll the swag, lay it on the ground in your position of choice and sit inside.

Setting up camp is as simple as unrolling your swag. (BBC)

Setting up camp is as simple as unrolling your swag. (BBC)

The rumour is that, after the challenge was complete, the three super cars that Clarkson and co were driving were ruined.

In fact, the Bentley used reportedly needed work amounting to half of its on the road value, including a full paint respray.

However, a Bentley spokesman noted:

“The rectification work required was indeed cosmetic, to repair paint chips and scratches. This is unsurprising and acceptable after hundreds of miles on unsealed roads in the Northern Territory. Mechanically, the car was fine.”

We’d like to think that our bedrolls proved equally as rugged.

You can watch the episode on BBC iPlayer.

Our Adventurer Canvas Bedroll is available now!

Man Of The World Magazine – Explorers Edition

Man Of The World Magazine - David Gandy Camp ChairWe recently provided a range of our new and vintage camp gear for a prestigious magazine shoot set in the beautiful wilds of Scotland for the distinctly ‘upscale’ global men’s lifestyle magazine Man Of The World issue 6, the Explorers Edition.

Shot by one of the world’s most talented and highly-regarded photographers John Balsom the shoot was to feature current ‘rock star’ model David Gandy in a feature called “New Frontier” exploring echoes of a vintage frontier camping experience. As a lifestyle magazine shoot it was more about the man David Gandy himself (not normally known for outdoor shoots), the clothing and the photography than about the gear but we were

delighted to be asked to help on the project, and working with John and his assistant over several weeks we helped select the right gear and ship it in time to be taken to Scotland for the multi-day shoot, supervised by Location Scotland who handle film and media projects set in Scotland.

Some of the photos are below – the full article can be read here or the magazine can be purchased at a select few outlets around the world or online via some online magazine subscription sites. Interestingly the Man Of The World store which features a wide range of heritage and modern rare items features one of the vintage Swiss army rucksacks we also stock – an excellent and natural choice by them to go alongside the vintage oil lamps, classic stoves, knives and other gear. We like this Vintage Fishing Creel and this Dietz Lantern.

Included in the gear we provided were our new Vintage Royal Navy Duffle Bag, our Canvas Baker Tent, our own heavily used Kelly Kettle seen in many photos around this website, our new up-cycled vintage swiss army canteen cup (available shortly), our British Army folding camp chairs all shown below, plus a number of other props including our canvas bedroll and a vintage Swiss rucksack which didn’t make it into the shoot in the end – again it wasn’t about our gear, we just provided a range of props, enough for them to work it out on location.

Thanks to John & Brid for using our gear and for being such a pleasure to work with throughout – on-location media projects like this happen under immense pressure but we were more than happy to assist with whatever it took to get things ready in time.

More of a book than a magazine, MOTW is a large quarterly publication

More of a book than a magazine, MOTW is a large quarterly publication

The New Frontier feature, with 'the world's highest paid supermodel'(!) David Gandy

The New Frontier feature, with ‘the world’s highest paid supermodel'(!) David Gandy

Our credits on the first page of the New Frontier feature.

Our credits on the first page of the New Frontier feature.

David Gandy & our old beaten up Kelly Kettle!

David Gandy & our old beaten up Kelly Kettle!

David Gandy seated on one of our Folding Army Camp Chairs, next to the RN Duffle bag stuffed with rope.

David Gandy seated on one of our Vintage Folding Camp Chairs, next to the RN Duffle bag stuffed with rope.

The Wynnchester Canvas Baker Tent in Scotland

The Wynnchester Canvas Baker Tent in Scotland

David sitting on the RN Vintage Duffle bag

David sitting on the RN Vintage Duffle bag

A stunning photograph by John Balsom of the Dramatic Scottish Landscape.

A stunning photograph by John Balsom of the Dramatic Scottish Landscape.

For the full feature and images see: the full article can be read Man Of The World Magazine