From The Workshop


From our village location in Somerset, England, images of a typical day in the Wynnchester workshops where our “Recon” range of reconditioned rucksacks, bags and other hand-made gear is produced before being sent off to customers in the U.K. and around the globe.

The sun comes up, a new day starts in the Wynnchester workshop.

Sunlight falling on some vintage gear waiting for reconditioning.

The Sewing Workshop

Vintage Italian military canvas rucksack ready for finishing.

Removing mildew and dirt from the surface of some 1950’s leather rucksack straps prior to oiling and waxing.

Hand-finishing the waxed-cotton treatment on our classic vintage military haversack.

Oiling vintage leather straps.

Neatsfoot oil and cold-pressed flaxseed oil, two essential compounds in the workshop, along with local Somerset  bees wax and other plant oils.

Traditional solid copper rivets are hand set using a ball-pein hammer on a 3 inch marble block.

Beautiful leather on these vintage Swiss Army bags.

Vintage leather rucksack straps

Our hand made leather straps finished and being fitted to a vintage Swiss Army rucksack.

Making our leather blanket roll straps – original vintage Swiss Army hardware combined with new veg-tanned saddle leather.

The date stamp on a Swiss Army canvas tool bag shows it was originally made in 1945.

Waxed cotton raincape and vintage army rucksacks – finished and ready to despatch.

Reconditioned Vintage Swiss Army Mountain Packs and waxed cotton Haversacks ready for shipping.

A finished vintage canvas Shelter-Half Tent ready to be packed and shipped.

The daily visit of the UPS truck to collect whatever’s ready and packed with export documentation & shipping labels.

After another busy day the workshop is quiet again and ready to be closed up for the night.