Canvas Adventure Tarp

ridgeline2Tarps have uses on many types of expedition or day trips & bushcraft activities – simple and compact to carry they enable temporary shelters that are quick to erect and adaptable to whatever conditions and fixing points are at hand. We have designed and produced these robust classic canvas tarps in extremely rugged & durable 12oz waterproof cotton canvas with strong reinforced webbing loops – a beautiful material, rot-proof, completely waterproof, warm to the touch, and which doesn’t flap noisily in the wind like synthetic lightweight tarps (which have their place of course, being lightweight & compact to carry). One big benefit is this tough canvas tarp won’t catch fire or be ruined by flying embers so you can use it close to a campfire or with a cooking stove underneath. This is a large tarp which gives a really solid shelter for several people, suitable for a wide range of traditional expedition, camp and bushcraft uses or used with a hammock or Land Rover/4×4 set up for off-roading trips.

We have been working carefully over several months on the design and testing of this  tarp together with one of our customers, (Youtube Bribooutdoors ) – it has reinforced seams, underside hanging loops for drying clothes or suspending a lamp, hanging tools etc, and 23 webbing loops, both as external attachment points around the edge and importantly with 9 reinforced pullouts on the face of the tarp making it highly configurable for use as a shelter or over a hammock etc.

Colour:  Olive (as pictured) – or Sand Khaki (see our Bedrolls for colour)

Canvas: 12oz Cotton Canvas – Fire-retardent, waterproofed and rotproofed.

Size: 3.5M x 2.5M

Weight: 6Kg

Price: £220  – UK Shipping £15 – Contact Us for overseas shipping rates.

In Stock? Currently Unavailable while we concentrate production resources on our canvas tent and bedroll supply. Will be back available estimated end September. Please contact us for further information.


canvastarp_sideup2 canvastarplaidout1 canvastarprearview


canvas tarp set up with lightweight hammock


Canvas tarp size

Canvas tarp w/ leather

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